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Also Known As Project Ravensdale
Developer Black Forest Games
Status Steam early acces
Current Version High Octane Update
Kickstarter Kickstarter:DieselStormers
Wikipedia entry Wikipedia:Dieselstörmers

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This wiki is going to hold Gameplay information about DieselStörmers, the (currently) Early Access game by Black Forest Games (short BFG)

A devblog can be found under the news tab of BFG's site

For further information about the origin of Dieselstörmers see:Wikipedia:DieselStormers

You can find some informations about the planned features and a free downloadable prototype version here:Kickstarter:DieselStormers

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For now there aren't any set rules.

So all contributions are allowed, as long as it is related to the game.


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This Wiki was created by AManFromReno (Also known as Luftwaffle) You can find some stats here ->Wiki stats

DieselStormers - Trailer (2014)-0

DieselStormers - Trailer (2014)-0

DieselStormers - Early Access Launch Trailer (2014)-0

DieselStormers - Early Access Launch Trailer (2014)-0

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