Weapon PartsEdit

Weapons are composed of 3 parts: Each part type can hold individual modifiers. Additionally each part can hold general modifiers


The engine is the component that forms the projectile.

It's individual Modifikators are: Fire,Goop,Explosive see->Special Modifiers

Engines can't change the Range,Projectile Size and Accuracy

The names of its current parts are:

Equilibrium/? Engine = A round perforated metal plate without visible interior.Like the ones used to cool machineguns

Flux/Haze Engine =A blue glowing cooler with a pipe and 2 tubes going to the frame

Turbine/Meteor Engine=A double gastank with pressure indicator

Carnage/? Engine =A stack of blue glowing ellipsoids in a metal frame


The Frame determines the overall firemode of the weapon. There are currently 4 frames:

  1. Handgun
  2. Motorgun
  3. Blunderbuss
  4. Caster

Altough already having inherent modifiers, frames also have additional modifiers: Rising Barrage,Grenade Cluster,Bouncing Shrapnel see->Special Modifiers Engines can change all values of a weapon.


The barrel determines the properties of the exiting projectile.

It's individual Modifikators are: Piercing,Rebound see->Special Modifiers

Barrels may change any stat however, without any common modifiers they just change Range,Projectile Size,Accuracy and Damage

The names of its current parts are:

Eagle/Deadeye Barrel= A straight long barrel

Equilibrium/? Barrel=A short barrel with an knife on it

Catapult/Longbow Barrel=A (stereo)typical Grenade Launcher barrel

Behemoth/Siege Barrel=A (stereo)typical blunderbuss barrel, made out of bronze with a wide opening


Coming soon

Special ModifiersEdit

Engine ModifiersEdit

Fire -chance 15- (adds a flame effect to projectiles) Spawns blue flames which hurt the enemies

Chance to slide of the screen and set distant goop pools and enemies ablaze
Deals moderate damage over time
Ignites goopy enemies
Igniting goop with blue fire makes it harmless to the player and can be helpfull

Goopy -chance 15- (adds a goop effect to projectiles) covers enemies in goop and slows them

Goopy enemies can be ignited by fire taking higher damage
The slow is rather strong but ineffictve vs high level goblins

Explosive -chance 15-

Primes enemies for a explosion,they explode after a short time
Deals generous aoe damage
The stagger effect can be very effective at higher levels altough the effect may be a bit rare

Frame ModifiersEdit

Grenade Cluster -chance 15- Spawns 3 grenades which explode after a few seconds.

The grenades deal a lot of damage and stagger enemies.
They also ignore collisions which allows them to fly freely
The big explosions radius makes them to the best proc although the chance is pretty low
It is unknown if the damge scales with the weapons damage.
The proc itself seems to carry a immense damage since most enemies hit by the proc die instantly

Rising Barrage -chance 20- a large projectile that flies in a random direction and rapidly fires secondary projectiles to both sides

Rather bad since all bullets are stopped by walls and making it ineffictive in almost any mission chunk
Aside from that it seems to do decent damage,tough the main projectile seems to be as effective as its side projectiles
Similiar to Grenade cluster mobs procced with it usually die

Shrapnell -chance 30- spawns several small and large projectiles in all directions that rebound off walls

Has the highest proc chance
The high rebounc chance makes it more effective than Rising barrage, also it covers all directiosn
Overall a decent damage output
Similiar to Grenade cluster mobs procced with it usually die

Barrel ModifiersEdit

Rebound -chance 85- Projectiles may ricochet off of enemies.

The effect can be combined with piercing
It is possible to reach chances of over 300 by having a double Rebounding barrel with the caster frame
This means that almost a third of the projectiles should bounce off

Piercing -chance 85- The projectile may pierce enemies or walls

Too rare for an effective use
It is possible to reach chances of over 300 by having a double Piercing barrel with the handgun frame
This means that almost a third of the projectiles should pertrude walls although they don't seem to do so

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